Games will be played regardless of weather conditions unless called by the umpires at the game. Should a game be called, it will be a result of severe weather, lightning or field conditions that affect the safety of players and or grounds. If a game needs to be called after a Rain Delay – your ticket is still available to be redeemed at the box office for a future Prospects game. Please check our social media accounts for up-to-date information when in doubt.

This policy also includes games and/or events that are cancelled as a result of unforeseeable occurrences such as damages to the facility, acts of terror, pandemic, flood, fire or any other unknown cause. In all cases the PROSPECTS will attempt to reschedule your game or event at some time in the future once operations make it possible to do so.

This is a standard policy within the sporting industry and exists to a large degree because of the seasonal nature of a sporting organization. While most businesses operate on a month-to-month basis and may have more flexibility when it comes to the issuance of refunds, a sports franchise must generate most of its income seasonally but still endure the burden of meeting its month-to-month expenses. The general exception to a refund policy is if the event you have secured and paid for is of a unique one-time nature and cannot be rescheduled in any form or fashion in the future.